China Matsuoka Nude Photos

Here comes another raising star in Japanese adult entertainment industry. I don’t know if being a pornstar or nude model is a recommended career for teenage girls in Japan, but the industry does keep producing young and new nude models as well as pornstars.

This model right here started her career in 2014, and believe me she’s only one of a hundreds if not a thousands. Her real name is China Matsuoka and she uses the same name in her modelling career. China was born in April 16th 1994 and she started her career when she was only 20 years old.

Standing 148cms tall and weight 40kgs make her the perfect partner to be tossed around in the air in an extremely wild sex. And guess what? The size of her boobs is also considered huge for her body size which is just another additional point for her perfection. Well, they probably ain’t real, but who the hell cares? Right?

China Matsuoka Nude Pictures