Ai Haneda Nude Pictures

Japan is filled with a lot of beautiful girls who willing to go nude for a fee. Or maybe in a smoother way, for artistic purpose. Let’s say names like Kyoka Julia, Misa Kudo, Sana Anju and Nana Ninomiya. There is a new nude model who has the potential to become legendary like Maria Ozawa. The name is Ai Haneda.

Ai Haneda was born on September 22nd 1989 in Tokyo, Japan. In her young age, she decided to take part in adult entertainment industry as a nude model and porn star. She started her career since 2008 and still active up to present day. Ai Haneda is popular in Japan and most part of Asia because of her natural beauty and curves. You can find her porn videos all over the internet (some of them might have to be purchased), but for now let’s enjoy her nude pictures in this gallery below.

Ai Haneda Nude Photos